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Playing “Would You Rather” with the Steelers for 2023 and beyond

On this week’s episode of The Steelers Fix podcast here at SCN, Jeremy Betz and I played a game of “Would You Rather,” focusing on topics that could affect the Steelers both this season as well as seasons to come. If you missed the show, be sure to check it out below.


Here is a rundown of what we discussed.

Andrew: Would you rather see Pat Meyer fired or Eddie Faulkner fired?

Jeremy and I agreed on this one, as we both see Pat Meyer as a bigger issue to this offense. It is not so much that he is worse at his job than Eddie Faulkner is at his, but Meyer is both the offensive line coach and running game coordinator. This has more importance than Faulkner’s simple job of coaching the running backs. While both coaches need to go, Meyer should definitely be the first one out the door.

Jeremy: Either/Or: DJ or Pickens more important to offense?

Once again, George Pickens was the unanimous choice. George Pickens is hands down a more important piece of the offense than Diontae Johnson is. However, Johnson is being schemed as the number one receiver in this offense. We can get on George Pickens about his immaturity, and I certainly do not give his behavior a pass, but if we are being honest, his frustration is valid. Everyone can plainly see he is the top receiver on this team, yet he is being neglected in the offensive game plan. If you were in his situation, would your attitude be any different? Perhaps Matt Canada’s most fireable offense is not scheming George Pickens as the number one receiver in this offense. The offense will continue to struggle until that changes.

Andrew: Would you rather see Darius Rush or Cory Trice as a starter in 2024?

Jeremy went with Trice here. Being able to come away with two starting corners in the same draft class that was full of boom-or-bust prospects would be nothing short of impressive. Plus, Trice is a more physically imposing corner on the boundary. While Rush is a good athlete in his own right, his functional strength is not quite to the level of Trice’s. Versatility could definitely favor Rush, but if Trice looks as good post-injury as he did pre-injury, it would be hard to complain about the results. Regardless, both players should definitely have a chance to not only make the roster, but see substantial playing time in 2024.

Jeremy: Would you rather a Wildcard Round loss or Top 10 pick?

My biggest fear is that neither of these scenarios happen, but if I am choosing one, I am definitely going with the top-10 pick in the draft. Ultimately, if you are not winning, or at least making it to, the Super Bowl, you are in the same spot as 30 other franchises. The only difference is that they are picking before you and getting a better opportunity to improve their roster. In my perspective, the Steelers are a competent OC and one or two pieces away from having a championship-caliber team. Getting a top-ten pick likely means the Steelers were awful on offense the second half of the season, and there will be no excuse for Mike Tomlin to keep Matt Canada around. If the Steelers make the playoffs, not only will they lose out on a potential blue-chip draft prospect, but their second-half success as a team may be enough for Mike Tomlin to keep Matt Canada around.

What would your answers be to those questions? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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