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Keys to victory for the Steelers over the Packers in Week 10

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a winning performance in Week 9, a 20-16 win over the Tennessee Titans, and while it was the team’s fifth win, it was a performance which didn’t lift many fans’ hopes. The hope is there is a better performance on the horizon on Sunday in Week 10 when the team hosts the Green Bay Packers.

What exactly do the Steelers need to do to claim their sixth victory of 2023? Let’s break it down by offense and defense…


Run the rock

The Packers run defense is certainly not their strength, surrendering 124.4 yards per game, and could be just what the Steelers need to get their ground game on track. The second half of last season was filled with physical run plays and protecting the ball. We could see the offense start to lean on that style of play again in Week 10.

Make the lay-ups

Everyone who watched the Thursday Night Football game in Week 9 saw some missed plays, mainly by Kenny Pickett. It reminded me of watching a high school basketball game when a player makes a steal, is all alone, and he misses the lay-up in front of the crowd. It’s deflating. If the Steelers want to be taken seriously, they need to start making their lay-ups in every way on offense.

Don’t force-feed GP

I wrote about this earlier in the week, and I fear the Steelers are going to be all-in on force-feeding George Pickens to appease the talented, but disgruntled, wide receiver. I’m fine with getting him the ball early, but don’t force-feed Pickens. Instead, focus on taking what the defense gives the offense. Wins are more important than a receiver’s hubris.


Take down the Love boat

The Packers have only surrendered 18 sacks this season, the Steelers have given up 19, so sacks might come at a premium. Nonetheless, it is important to note how the Packers’ offensive line is in shambles. Just like the Titans’ offensive line last week, they are moving pieces around to try and patch things together on the fly. Might be another game where the Steelers’ pass rushers are “buzzing like bees around a hive”, as Mike Lange would say.

Stop the run

The Packers don’t run the ball particularly well, averaging a tick over 100 yards per game; however, the combination of a healthy Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon make a formidable duo. If the Steelers don’t want to “bend, but don’t break” and instead be a dominant defense…it starts by stuffing the run.

Keep taking it away

Through eight games the Steelers have a +8 in the turnover differential department, which is tied for second in the NFL. Their 16 takeaways is also tied for the second best number in the league. Can they keep it up? Eight games is certainly a big enough sample size to tell me this isn’t just a flash in the pan. Win the turnover battle, and be on your way to your sixth victory.

I talk about this, and MUCH more on the latest episode of “Let’s Ride”, and you can hear that podcast in the player below this article. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the team as they gear up for game time!

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