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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Oh, the humanity!

It’s another week in the NFL offseason, and we are now taking in the seven new drafted Steelers after the 2024 NFL Draft. That means one thing, and one thing only — it’s time for another round of questions on a Friday night!

So, you should know the rules by now, but if you don’t:

State your beverage of choice

What’s on the menu tonight?

What music are you listening to?

As for me, I am headed to the mother-in-law’s for dinner. No clue what’s on the docket there. When it comes to music, I’m listening to some whatever she has, and it could get ugly.

Let’s get to the questions!

1 – The 2024 regular season schedule has been released, what are your thoughts on the Wednesday Christmas Day game?

2 – Of all the games on the schedule, is there one which stands out as a favorite??

3 – The flip side of that question is what game you like the least??

4 – The first thing I always look for when the schedule is released is when the team has a bye week. What do you think of the Week 9 bye?

5 – If you had to pick a favorite Steelers offensive player in your lifetime, who would it be?

6 – You get invited to a birthday party, and are asked to bring a dish. Not a main dish, but a dish. What are you bringing??

Have a great weekend, and always be sure to check into SCN for the latest podcasts and articles on the Steelers!


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