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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Bandwagon Jumping Edition

Week 1 happened, and it was a disaster. In fact, it was about as disastrous as I can remember a Steelers game. Nonetheless, it was just one game, and the team has the opportunity to rebound in Week 2 against a division foe.

You know the rules…state your beverage, what’s on the menu, and I always love seeing what people might be listening to at this particular juncture. As for me, I love vinyl records and recently got some great finds for the Rat Pack. Yes, I do enjoy that music as an alternative to some of my other musical interests.

Let’s get to the questions!!

1. The Steelers’ loss to the 49ers was bad, but was it the worst you can remember? What was the worst loss for you?

2. If you are orchestrating the offense, please don’t take offense to being called Matt Canada, what is Step No. 1 to getting this group back on track in Week 2?

3. Likewise, if you are Teryl Austin and Mike Tomlin, what is the focus for the defense this upcoming game?

4. Replacing Cam Heyward and Diontae Johnson won’t be easy. If you read the website you know what I think the team should do in replacing DJ, but how do you see them trying to fill the voids left by these two players?

5. The Steelers are getting 2.5 points at home against the Browns in a prime time game. We all know the Monday Night Football streak, but if you were betting where are you putting your money?

6. I’m working on next steps here at SCN, and have the following items being worked on:

  • Day/Night toggle for the entire site, not just the article
  • Improved layout of the site
  • Improved functionality in the comment section

I’m all ears for things which are realistically options to make SCN better.



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