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AFC North Recap: A dark day for the majority of the division

Week 4 is officially in the rear view mirror for all four teams who call the AFC North home, and for three-quarters of the division it was a very forgettable week. There was abysmal offense, blowouts galore, and only one team left the week with a winning mark on the ledger.

Time to take stock of what happened in the AFC North, and what is coming up…

Week 4 Results

Baltimore Ravens – 28
Cleveland Browns – 3

The only game this week with two division rivals playing one another, the Baltimore Ravens got back on the winning track after their weird loss to the Colts at home in Week 3. They got back on track by dominating the Browns from top-to-bottom, but it should be noted the Browns were without Deshaun Watson in this game. When you don’t have a running game, and no quarterback, it makes it difficult to win. Nonetheless, the Ravens were running the ball like they did under Greg Roman, and it equated in a dominant performance.

Tennessee Titans – 27
Cincinnati Bengals  – 3

Speaking of dominant performances, the Titans bounced back in Week 4 and put a licking on the Bengals. Weird stat of the week: The Bengals are the only team in the NFL who have yet to score a 1st half touchdown through four weeks of the regular season. Some will say the Cincinnati struggles are all based on Joe Burrow’s calf injury. I’m not buying what they are selling. Has it hindered his mobility? Yes. Does it mean their entire offense, and offensive line, can’t do the basics anymore? Absolutely not. The Bengals are in a tough spot, and it doesn’t get easier for them as the season progresses.

Houston Texans – 30
Pittsburgh Steelers – 6

Want to talk dominant, then look no further than the team with a rookie head coach, rookie play caller and rookie quarterback. The Houston Texans took the ball to start the game, and methodically moved the ball with ease on the supposedly vaunted Steelers defense. The 30-6 final might actually make some think it was actually a close game at one point, when it was a blow out. The Steelers also suffered key injuries in the game, leaving fans wondering if the bye week won’t be at the perfect time in Week 6.

AFC North Standings

Baltimore Ravens — 3-1
Pittsburgh Steelers — 2-2
Cleveland Browns — 2-2
Cincinnati Bengals — 1-3

Week 5 AFC North Schedule

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens — 1pm EST, Sunday
Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals — 4:05pm EST, Sunday
Cleveland Browns — BYE


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