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5 Steelers wishes between now and Week 1

On the most recent episode of the Scho Bro Show podcast, we kicked off the summertime lull by listing our top five wishes when it comes to the Steelers between now and the start of the regular season. Keeping a firm grasp on reality, we weren’t wishing for ridiculous things such as the Steelers to have actually won every Lombardi trophy ever. Instead, we were looking for the things we felt would be the best for the Steelers going into the season if we could make sure they could happen by that time.

The way things played out, some of the things were positive while other things were items that we did not want to see. As usual, there was a little bit of overlap in our list but not as much as I thought.

Going in the order we went in the show, I’ll give my top five list first followed by that of Big Bro Scho.

Dave’s List

5. The Steelers extend several players for fair deals.

4. The Steelers don’t trade first or second round picks for a $30 million wide receiver.

3. The wide receivers on the roster are tearing up.

2. The rookies are too good to keep off the field.

1. A 100% clean bill of health.

Rather than break mine down individually, let’s go ahead and look at Rich’s list and look at all the things together.

Big Bro’s List

5. The Steelers second-year players make a big leap.

4. Russell Wilson clearly wins the quarterback job.

3. Nobody gets hurt!

2. Chef Omar cooks up something else.

1. Arthur Smith’s offense shows the creativeness, ingenuity, and ability to exploit mismatches that has been missing from the Steelers offense for several years.

The only item that we both had exactly on our list had to deal with injuries. While Rich focused on not having any more injuries occur, I went as far as to make sure players who were coming off of injury are completely good to go as well.

While I focused on the rookies being players that were performing well as a part of my list, Rich focused his on the second-year players stepping up in a big way. Additionally, I don’t want the Steelers trading away a lot of for a very expensive wide receiver while Rich does want to see Omar Khan come through and make a significant move.

When if came to looking at the performance of a position group, I focused on the wide receiver position players exceeding what was expected of them and being a position of strength while Rich went with the quarterback position and wanted clarity. In order for things to be completely clear, he feels that it would be Wilson that would need to win the job definitively it would complicate things if it was Fields.

I can’t believe that I did not think of Big Bro’s number one answer simply because I was taking for granted the Steelers offensive scheme will be much improved. By Rich putting this as his top wish, I now understand how I should not take this for granted that everything is going to go well under new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.

So what do you think? What would be your biggest wishes for the Steelers to have happen between now and the start of the season? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments.

To hear the complete breakdown of these lists, catch the most recent episode of the Scho Bro Show podcast below:

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