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Ryan McMahon needs and deserves your All-Star vote

As Ryan McMahon stepped up to the plate to lead off the eighth inning against the Washington Nationals with the Colorado Rockies down by two runs, he launched a 1-0 pitch to left field for his team-leading 14th home run of the season. An inning later, with the bases loaded, McMahon battled to a full count before he drew a walk-off walk thanks to a pitch clock violation to win 8-6. He went 3-for-4 in the Rockies victory and the game served as another reminder that McMahon deserves to be an All-Star this season.

In years past, the debate of the best third baseman in baseball was mainly debated about Nolan Arenado and Manny Machado. There were also contenders like Matt Chapman, Kris Bryant, Rafael Devers and several others. Third base is a generally deep position across the league with some incredible hitters as well as some incredible defenders. Yet, over the past few seasons, 2024 in particular, one name that has truly risen to the top of the conversation is McMahon.

Drafted by the Rockies in the second round out of high school back in 2013, McMahon quickly rose through the ranks of the system mainly because of his prominent offensive potential. He was capable of swatting dingers, driving in runs, and hitting for a solid average. He looked to be everything the Rockies could want offensively, even if his defensive position was a little up in the air. With Arenado safely secured at third base in 2017, McMahon mainly played some first base and began to dabble with second base. However, after D.J. LeMahieu left the team in free agency, McMahon was installed as the primary second baseman in 2019. He would primarily play that position through the 2020 season and into the 2021 season, even after Arenado had left via a trade. The Rockies wanted to improve at third base and finally make a spot for Brendan Rodgers, so he was moved to his natural position of third base where the rest is history.

The defense was always there, while the offense would make appearances, but cold streaks were a hindrance to his performance and potential. McMahon spent the offseason headed into 2024 working on his mechanics and approach at the plate and has seen huge dividends in his results in 2024 as the Rockies’ most consistent hitter. His performance this season has been nothing short of extraordinary, making a compelling case for his inclusion in the All-Star lineup.

McMahon has been an offensive powerhouse for the Rockies this season. At the time of writing, McMahon is slashing .280/.356/.484 with 14 home runs and 42 RBI.  Over his 76 games played, McMahon has demonstrated a consistent ability to get on base and drive in runs. His OPS sits comfortably at .840 which is easily the best mark on the team among qualified hitters.

One of the most impressive aspects of McMahon’s offensive game in 2024 especially has been his clutch hitting. He has repeatedly come through in high-pressure situations, delivering key hits that have propelled the Rockies to victory or at least kept them in a game. His ability to perform under pressure is a testament to his mental toughness and preparation, qualities that are essential for an All-Star.

Among National League third baseball entering Monday, McMahon ranks:

  • 2nd in OPS (.840)
  • 2nd in TB (140)
  • T-2nd in HR (14)
  • 2nd in H (81)
  • 2nd in AVG (.280)
  • 3rd in OBP (.354)
  • 3rd in SLG (.484)
  • 3rd in RBI (42)
  • 2nd in BB (34)
  • 1st in BABIP (.364)
  • 3rd in wRC+ (122)
  • 1st in Hard% (43.4%)
  • 3rd in fWAR (2.2)

He is also one of three players with five or more home runs 440 feet or more. In most offensive categories, McMahon trails Alec Bohm of the Philadelphia Phillies, as well as the Chicago Cubs Christopher Morel and the Cincinnati Reds’ Jeimer Candelario.

While McMahon’s offensive stats are impressive, his defensive contributions cannot be overlooked and eclipse almost every other third-baseman in the NL. As a Gold Glove finalist the past three seasons, McMahon has been a defensive stalwart at the hot corner.  His fielding percentage is among the best in the league, and he has made numerous highlight-reel plays that have saved runs and kept his team in games like this play against the Los Angeles Dodgers to save a double.

McMahon’s range, arm strength, and quick reflexes make him one of the most reliable defenders in the league. Among NL third baseman he ranks:

  • 1st in Innings played (658)
  • 1st in Assists (172)
  • 2nd in Putouts (46)
  • 1st in DRS (4)
  • 1st in UZR (3.7)

This defensive prowess, coupled with his offensive output, makes McMahon a complete player, more than he’s ever been and a prime candidate for the All-Star team.

Beyond the statistics, Ryan McMahon brings invaluable leadership and intangibles to the Rockies. As one of the veteran players on the team, he has embraced a leadership role, mentoring younger players and setting an example with his work ethic and dedication. His positive attitude and team-first mentality have helped foster a strong clubhouse culture, which has been crucial to a Rockies team trying to rebuild and find its identity.

McMahon’s resilience and perseverance are also noteworthy. Overcoming slumps and struggles, he has continuously worked hard to improve, demonstrating a level of grit and determination that is inspiring to his teammates and fans alike. This resilience is a key quality that separates good players from great ones, further solidifying McMahon’s case for All-Star recognition.

According to a new round of fan voting results on Monday McMahon dropped from fifth place to seventh place behind the likes of Joey Ortiz (3rd), Max Muncy (4th, injured), Austin Riley (5th), and Arenado (6th). Despite being more valuable and better overall than the four or five in front of him, McMahon is losing ground. It’s clear that McMahon is not just a valuable player for the Rockies, but one of the premier talents in Major League Baseball. His inclusion in the All-Star Game would be a fitting recognition of his outstanding performance and contributions this season. His performance has made him a popular trade candidate but he’s not going anywhere. While the Rockies aren’t a notable team to play more, his performance is more notable than most others on the NL third baseman list and he is deserving of more votes.


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