Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Willy Taveras, Kaz Matsui, and Manny Corpas

Every Rockie Ever is a brand new show under the Rocky Mountain Rooftop banner where brothers Skyler and Dustin Timmins sit down and talk about every player to suit up for the Colorado Rockies to share memories and the legacy of their careers.

It’s World Series time, which means it’s worth looking back at the 2007 Rockies team. In this episode Skyler and Dustin reflect on the brief Rockies careers of Kaz Matsui and Willy Taveras and the roles they played in 2007, remembering iconic home runs and catches in the postseason and how speedy they were on the bases. They then look back on the career of Manny Corpas, a reliever who was crucial in 2007 but settled into just a solid reliever for the Rockies.

Taveras dazzled as the leadoff man for two years in Colorado. After coming to the Rockies via trade, he had a career year for the 2007 Rocktober team, and in his two years made a name for himself in the team record books. In 2008 he stole 68 bases to set a franchise record but his career never quite replicated the heights of those Colorado seasons.

Matsui was a heralded player from Japan when he joined the New York Mets on a three-year deal. Unfortunately, Matsui struggled with the Mets, leading the Rockies to take a chance on him in 2006 via trade. Matsui needed a change of scenery and he got it and thrived in purple. He not only showcased stellar defense in 2007 but had an incredible postseason run, including a back-breaking grand slam in the NLDS.

Corpas was a homegrown reliever from Panama who took over as the closer when the team needed him most in 2007. Following that season he never quite replicated the success, constantly battling against him, but he ended up carving out a solid career as one of the best relievers in Rockies history.

In 30 years of existence, the Colorado Rockies have seen nearly 700+ players and coaches suit up in purple. From the greats of Todd Helton and Larry Walker to obscure ones like Kent Bottenfield and Tim Christman. Join brothers Skyler and Dustin Timmins as they endeavor to shine a light on Every Rockie Ever.

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