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Preview of The Nuggets vs. Timberwolves Semifinals Series

The former NBA champions, the Denver Nuggets, are about to have their toughest test yet in their playoff history. As Denver will be starting up a semifinal series with the red-hot Minnesota Timberwolves who just came off a series where they swept the Phoenix Suns. Not only have the Timberwolves been red-hot but Anthony Edwards has been unstoppable dropping 35 points every game and leading the Timberwolves in there revenge story of a rough last season.

The Nuggets on the other hand had a rough go off things against the Lakers as although they did beat them in 5 it was not as convincing as it should have been as most of the games the Nuggets were going into the second half trailing and would have to make a comeback attempt. Although, it was good seeing the Nuggets have to face adversity, and make some runs, the Timberwolves are not to the type of team to let the Nuggets go on a 20 point run. As they our one of the best defensive teams in the entire NBA, with a former Defensive player of the year winner Rudy Gobert, and one of the best big shooters KAT, they also have a stacked bench with players like Naz Reid who won 6th man of the year.

This series is not only interesting because of both teams stars and how they compare but also because both teams are division rivals and have played 4 times in the regular season where the season series were split between the 2 so it is like this series is the final decider of who was the better team. Both teams have something to look forward to as Denver hopes to go back to back and The Timberwolves hope to steal it from The Nuggets and have their superstar be recognized as one of the greatest players currently in the NBA.

Overall, although the Nuggets have the higher seed and start this series on home court, they should not let that be their only advantage they need to start the first quarter hot, as that is where they struggled the most. The Timberwolves are an excellent first quarter team and don’t give up on the pressure and momentum. So the Nuggets need to step it up on defense and try not to let Anthony Edwards get hot.

The Nuggets will have a tough time if players like KCP, and Christian Braun don’t get hot. They also need Aaron Gordon to have a monster series as that is the closest guy they have on the height battle to Gobert other than Jokic who will most likely be double teamed. The worst case scenario for the Nuggets is for them to lose one in Denver so they need to try and get both of these games and go into Minnesota who also has an amazing crowd and try and steal one.

Ultimately, this series is looking to shape into a great one and will have a lot of eyes on it, and all the NBA fans watching want answers to 2 important questions. Can the Nuggets stop Anthony Edwards?, Can The Timberwolves stop the Nuggets from reaching the finals and having a chance to start a dynasty? These our the questions we will see answered on May 4th as the NBA semi finals gets under way at The Ball Arena in Denver.


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