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The Packers need to re-sign A.J. Dillon

The Green Bay Packers have some questions regarding their running back position. There are reports saying star running Aaron Jones could be released if he and Green Bay can’t agree on a restructured deal. Additionally, A.J. Dillon is a free agent.

It would be an absolute stunner if Green Bay let both go. Jones is the straw that stirs the drink and is one of the most productive backs in the league. Green Bay won’t let him go. They also should not let Dillon go. He and Jones are one of the most productive duos in the sport. What Dillon brings to the table is physicality and tough running. He is a solid No. 2 back and should not be let go. Here, specifically, is why:


RB2 Productivity

A.J. Dillon has recorded nearly 3,200 scrimmage yards over the last four seasons. His best year came in 2021 when he and Aaron Jones both recorded over 1,100 scrimmage yards and seven or more touchdowns. He averages 4.1 yards per rush in his career currently. Aside from his rookie season in 2020, Dillon has had 200 or more touches and at least 830 scrimmage yards each year. He is a very, very solid No. 2 running back.

However, he is not a No. 1 running back. He doesn’t have the speed, and he takes a lot of hits. That is why he is not going to get a massive deal as a free agent. That is where the Packers should take advantage.


What A Return Could Look Like

Green Bay should bring the former Boston College back on a one-year deal. This is the team that he has spent the first four seasons of his career with. He and Aaron Jones together are like thunder and lightning. In short yardage situations, he is incredibly valuable too. The zone running scheme is a big part of what Green Bay does offensively. Dillon is a huge piece of that.

So, the Packers need to take care of their own. Take advantage of the slow running back market. Bring back Dillon, who knows the offense and knows his teammates. A one-year deal makes the mosts sense here. Let him prove himself one more time, then he can go get a better deal next offseason.


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