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Seahawks epitomize what NFL teams should do with throwback uniforms

The NFL is a business, and there is no way around this simple truth. All 32 NFL owners are always looking for a way to not just reach new fans, but also to make more money on the investment they’ve made with their respective teams.

One way for NFL teams to kill the proverbial ‘two birds with one stone’ are throwback uniforms. Throwbacks create a lot of buzz, and also give fans something else they can buy. You may have your favorite players jersey, but you don’t have it in the brand new throwback.

Some teams are more successful with these throwbacks. There are those which are rather repulsive, I’m looking at you Pittsburgh Steelers ‘bumblebee’ throwback uniforms, but some throwbacks hit it out of the park.

For the Seattle Seahawks, who released a new throwback uniform Wednesday, it was a home run in every possible way. Take a look at these awesome throwbacks…

And if the throwback uniforms themselves weren’t perfect, the Seahawks’ social media team also hit a grand slam with the video showing off the new threads.

Not all teams are as successful as the Seahawks when it comes to these throwbacks. Often times the throwbacks aren’t easily recognizable, even though they are a throwback, and often fall flat. Nonetheless, Seattle’s newest jerseys harken back to the days when anyone 35 and older can remember well.

Job well done, Seattle! If only the rest of the league would follow suit.


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