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Ravens’ 24-straight preseason wins might be the oddest celebrated streak in sports

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night 20-19 in Week 1 of the NFL Preseason.

No, big deal, right?

Well, for the Ravens, and their fans, they disagree.

The win wasn’t just their first of the 2023 preseason, but their 24th straight preseason win. That’s right, the Ravens have won 24 straight preseason games. Is that something to celebrate? Some would say no, but the Ravens certainly tout the record.

This from the Ravens official Twitter feed following the conclusion of the game Saturday:

While most consider the preseason the exhibition season, the Ravens clearly cling to the success they’ve had in these “practice” games.

Of all the streaks which are oddly celebrated, this very well might be at, or near, the top of the list. Another NFL streak which many fans around the league consider to be oddly celebrated would be the Pittsburgh Steelers’ non-losing season streak under Mike Tomlin. Since Mike Tomlin was named the coach in 2007, the Steelers have never finished a season below .500.

For some Steelers fans, this streak has been a reason for contention, and many who don’t believe in Tomlin to give him the moniker “Mediocre Mike”. Nonetheless, just like the Ravens, the vast majority of Steelers fans celebrate the team’s success, and that of their head coach, regardless what other people think.

The Ravens seem to be following suit, but will their streak end at 24 games? Or will they get to 26 wins and let the streak live on until 2024? Here is who Baltimore has on deck for their final preseason games of 2023:

  • Baltimore Ravens at Washington Commanders — Monday, August 21st — 8:00pm EST
  • Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Saturday, August 26th — 7:00pm EST

Will the streak continue? Those who want it desperately to end will have to wait at least another week, if not longer.


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