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If the Jets were contenders in 2023, Breece Hall would be talked about like Christian McCaffrey

Even though the title of this article is quite long, the discussion around it is not. New York Jets running back Breece Hall most definitely would be talked about much more within media outlets and amongst the fans IF the Jets were contenders in 2023.

Recently, Hall has been on the record mentioning San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey and how he ‘sets the standard’ for running backs. McCaffrey and the 49ers made it all the way to the Super Bowl before falling to the eventual back-to-back Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The 28-year-old dual threat had his best season in 2023 finishing with 1,459 yards on 272 carries, a 5.4 yards per play average and seven rushing touchdowns. This does not include his 268 yards on 59 carries in the playoffs.

In the receiving game, he plays like a star wide receiver who can catch anything that comes his way. He makes defenders miss almost every single time he touches the football. He finished the regular and post season with a combined 716 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

While McCaffrey was a statistical machine, there was another running back in New York who despite all odds against him, put up strong numbers. Breece Hall will be heading into his third season with the Jets and has shown flashes of greatness.

His rookie season was one for the ages as he played in seven games, starting in two, before going down with a season ending injury. He ended up earning an impressive 5.8 yards per carry, which is unheard of in the NFL. Hall’s rookie campaign displayed promise as he ended with 80 rushing attempts for 463 yards and four touchdowns. Similar to McCaffrey, the Jets offense decided to utilize Hall’s shiftiness in the passing attack and he caught 19 receptions for 218 yards, which is an 11.5 yards per reception and a touchdown.

The rookie year for Hall proved that he can be something special and in a full season with the Jets a season later, he proved that he was the only offensive weapon after the season ending injury to franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In 2023, Hall finished with 223 attempts for 994 rushing yards, a 4.5 yards per play average and five rushing touchdowns. He added 76 receptions for 591 receiving yards and four touchdowns as well in his second season with the team.

Before the pitch forks come out and mention how Hall’s statistics are nothing of McCaffrey… I have a few things to explain.

  1. McCaffrey plays on a Super Bowl contending team year in and year out
  2. McCaffrey has an offensive minded head coach and play-caller who has proven to be successful
  3. 49ers’ offensive line was lightyears better than the Jets in 2023
  4. Lastly, the 49ers’ offensive passing attack was very evident, much more than the lackluster Jets without Rodgers

These are just four reasons why Hall’s statistics are worth noting. Some additional factors to consider could be to include a comparison of offensive receivers between the 2023 Jets and 49ers in which the 49ers win that debate by a landslide (no offense to Garrett Wilson).

While this is not an article that is shaming the 2023 Jets by any means, it is just to paint a picture that if Rodgers stayed healthy and the team managed to make the playoffs, running back Breece Hall would get more media attention due to his football abilities.

There is no doubt in my mind that if he manages a 1,000 yard rushing and 500 yard receiving season in 2024, coupled with a winning season and a playoff berth, that Hall will be the most talked about running back in the NFL.

You can book this article and comment back on it after the season concludes. It just so happens that in the NFL the media talks about the winning programs and the players on those programs. The Jets last year were not contenders, so their players are not talked about as much within the media circle. This should change as I have high hopes for Hall heading into his third year with the organization and a healthy Rodgers instantly propels this team to contenders in the AFC.


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