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Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes Secure Four-Year Lions Extension: Impact on Franchise

After reaching the NFC Championship for the first time in three decades, the Lions rewarded their head coach and general manager with new four-year extensions. Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes will be in the Motor City until at least 2027, pending any dramatic changes within the organization.

Owner Sheila Ford Hamp has been the mastermind behind the hiring of Campbell and Holmes, which was once considered a bizarre move. Well, after going 12-5 and reaching the NFC Championship game, a matchup in which they led by 17 points, the Lions are poised to continue to make a splash in the NFL and within their Division.

Ford Hamp took what was once considered a “cursed and sorry franchise” according to many fans, and hired two individuals who were slam dunk hires. General manager Brad Holmes just recently was named PFWA’s 2023 NFL Executive of the Year and received the “Best Draft Award”. His 2023 draft class was one for the ages and his moves were instrumental in their rise.

Even though Campbell and Holmes were under contract for another two years, these individuals were rewarded for their hard work and dedication and it is well deserved.

“We are thrilled to have Brad and Dan under contract for the next four seasons. They have been the driving force behind the rebuild of our football team and the success that we have enjoyed. The continuity they provide for our football program will continue to be the key to our future success on the field,” said Owner Sheila Ford Hamp.

The above quote truly shows the honesty and appreciation from the owner of the Lions, a much different look than what the organization previously had for decades. The honesty, appreciation, and understanding of what these two gentlemen do on an every day basis and how patient one must be during a rebuild is the reason why the Lions are on track to win double digit victories in 2024 and beyond.

Campbell and Holmes’ impact on the franchise should not go unnoticed and should be appreciated. The biggest advocate for them is the most important person – their boss and the owner of the franchise. The rebuild has been a success thus far for the main reason that there is now an expectation to not just win the regular season games but now the team is expected to win multiple postseason matchups as well. Every single time you turned on a Lions game in 2023, you knew they had a chance to win. This mindset is a culture change that Campbell and Holmes instilled since day one and will not be going anywhere any time soon.

One day, not too far out, the Lions will be heading to the Super Bowl and hopefully they can win it for the City of Detroit and their die hard fan base. Until then, the Lions have their two leaders at the helm for another four years and they can do their jobs without worrying, with the ultimate goal of executing gameplans and winning their first Lombardi Trophy.


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