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A look at the Week 5 Matchup at the Washington Commanders

On week 5 of the NFL season the Cleveland Browns travel to Landover Maryland to play the Washington Commanders. This will be the first back-to-back road games for the Cleveland Browns in the 2024 season. And this is the second game of a three-game road trip. This game should be a win for the Cleveland Browns.

In 2023 the Cleveland Browns had the top ranked defense in the NFL. Even though the Browns Road Defense was not as good as the home defense. Much of the points allowed on the road in 2024 had to do with turnovers on the offense and putting the defense in a bad position on the road. The Browns offense did struggle in 2023 due to injuries and having to start 5 different quarterbacks. The Washington Commanders is in the first year of rebuilding.

Washington hired Atlanta Falcons former head coach Dan Quinn as their new head coach. Kliff Kingsbury is the team’s new offensive coordinator as well. Their first-round draft pick LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels could start this game. And he will be introduced to Browns DE Myles Garrett in a rude way. It will be an NFL baptism by fire. That is if he does start that game. Otherwise, the Washington starting quarterback for this game could be Marcus Mariota. Last year’s backup quarterback for Washington was Jacoby Brissett and he now plays for the New England Patriots. Brissett played for the Browns in 2022 and that could have made the game more interesting. Otherwise, this should be a win for the Cleveland Browns.

I am not one for making predictions. But if the Cleveland Browns consider themselves a playoff team that can make a deep playoff run in 2024. Then they should be able to win this game. Good NFL teams beat bad NFL teams whether its at home or on the road. And this game shouldn’t be any different.


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