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Maryland Basketball: 2024 Non-Conference Home Schedule Released

The Univeristy of Maryland men’s basketball program today announced the nine home game non-conference schedule for the upcoming 2024 season.

At first glance the schedule does not seem to be to tough as the Terps begin a home and home series with Big East powerhouse Marquette. This is a high profile game that would certainly wouyld look good on the Terp’s resume come March Madness and tourney time.

After reading some of the comments on Twitter, I think Terp fans need to take a step back and take a deep breath. This release is the home non-conference schedule and not the full non-conference schedule. Sure, with the exception of Marquette, this schedule looks rather weak and if this was the full non-conference schedule I would be ranting and raving and maybe even saying some choice words for Maryland Head Coach Kevin Williard. But, this is not the case, as Coach Williard had more control over scheduling then in his previous years because scheduling is usually done a few years out.

There is a reason that the schedule is the way that it is and that reason is that Coach Williard wanted it that way and we should give him the benefit of the doubt. There are some familar faces coming back to College Park with senior Julian Reece and soph Deshawn Harris-Smith returning and some new faces as well with 5 star freshman Derik Queen and 4 star Malachi Palmer begining there college careers in a Terp uniform. Then, we have the newcomers to College Park in transfers Ja’Kobi Gillespie from Belmont, Selton Miguel from South Florida, Rodney Rice from Virgina Tech and Tafara Gapare from Georgia Tech, as this transfer class was ranked one of the best in the Country. And, not to mention the new look Big 10 with the addition of USC, UCLA, Washington and Oregon.

The Terps will have some familar faces, new young faces new guys coming to College Park and 4 new teams to take a lok at. There is alot for Coach Williard to work with in terms of talent, so big question is, can the Maryland coaching staff put it all together and get ready for a rugged Big 10 season and making a run into March Madness and the post season.

This home non-conference schedule looks like a cupcake schedule and I am ok with that, as there is a bigger picture in play here. The so called NET rankings play a huge role in getting selected to the “Big Dance”. So, in order to get the the Terps ready for the 2024-2025 season I say, hell with the strength of schedule and just rack up some wins in conference play, as Coach Williard is confident in his Terps winning a few games to get into the “Big Dance”. But, more importantly, this home schedule allows the Terps to gel and playing together, as well giving the Martyland coaching staff the best opportunity to get the best players on the floor.


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