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My take on the Cleveland Browns 2024 Draft

Last weekend the Cleveland Browns selected 6 players from the 2024 College Football Player Draft in Detroit Michigan. Many experts have analyzed the picks and pundits have given their grades. I want to give my thoughts currently in the moment on last weekend’s Cleveland Browns draft picks.

Due to the 2022 Deshaun Watson trade, this was the last year the Browns were without a first-round pick. That alone already lowers the grade and expectations of the draft. However, the last two years Browns GM Andrew Berry has found first round talent in the later rounds of the draft. 2022 3rd round pick CB Martin Emerson and 2023 4th round pick T Dewand Jones both played like first round picks. Did Berry find another first round talent in the later rounds in 2024? Let’s look at the first 3 of the six picks.

With the 54th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns selected DT Michael Hall Jr. from the Ohio State University. This was a solid pick that filled a need of depth and youth at the defensive tackle position. Hall can play and contribute in 2024. But this pick was thinking of 2025 and beyond that season. The next selection was the 21st pick in the 3rd round, G Zak Zinter from the University of Michigan, he was selected by the Cleveland Browns with that pick. This pick could be considered a steal in this draft. Zinter broke his leg in two places against Ohio State last November in Ann Arbor Michigan. That leg injury caused him to be absent from the Senior Bowl, NFL Scouting Combine, and Michigan’s pro day. Before the injury, he was projected as a late first round early second round prospect. He arguably was one of the best offensive guards in the country. He was well worth a third-round pick. The next Browns draft pick was in the 5th round WR Jamari Thrash from Louisville. He is a developmental wide receiver. He may come in and contribute in 2024. But he will probably be mostly a special team’s player to start his career.  The final 3 picks from the Browns rounded out the draft.

Mississippi State linebacker Nathaniel Watson in the 6th round, South Dakota defensive back Myles Harden in the 7th round, and Cincinnati defensive end Jawon Briggs in the 7th round were the last three picks by Cleveland Browns in the 2024 NFL Draft. These last three picks are also developmental players and can make the practice squad this season. How the Browns handled the 2024 NFL draft shows how far this organization has come.

What Browns fans saw this past weekend is what we have seen other AFC North teams do for years. They handled draft day with competence. The Browns made their picks and did not panic. They trusted the evaluation process and made their decisions based on that trust.  Now the fans must trust this Cleveland Browns front office. I know in past years the fans trust has been lacking. But, that trust can be earned on the field again this fall.


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