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Winners and Losers after the Steelers pick of Troy Fautanu in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one pick into the 2024 NFL Draft, and don’t think there isn’t a ripple effect already going on once that pick was made. In other words, when a draft pick is selected, there are players/personnel who benefit (winners) and those who don’t (losers). So, it’s time to see who were the winners and losers after the Steelers selected Troy Fautanu out of Washington with their top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft at pick No. 20.

For clarification, calling someone a loser doesn’t mean they are in any way lesser, but they just didn’t benefit from the selection. With that out of the way, let’s get to the winners and losers…


Troy Fautanu

This is obvious, but it goes beyond the fact Fautanu was the team’s top draft pick. The guy grew up a Steelers fan and idolized another Polynesian Troy (Polamalu). People are digging up old tweets of Fautanu talking trash on Tom Brady, and I’m here for all of that. It seems to be pre-determined this guy became a Steelers offensive linemen, and his love for the game and athleticism is just a cherry on top.

Offensive Line

Adding a quality starter like Fautanu makes the entire offensive line better. Whether he starts right out of the gate or not is irrelevant, the Steelers eventually have their bookend tackles for a long time, barring something drastic happening. Good tackles help the interior, and the Steelers now are just one more piece away from solidifying the offensive line form left-to-right.


When the offensive line is stout, it means the rest of the skill position players can elevate their games. The quarterbacks have more time to throw, and by proxy the wide receivers will have more opportunities in the passing game. The line opening up holes for the running backs equates in a more ground-and-pound approach to the offense, more on that later. Many, including myself, have been saying for a long time how the Steelers needed to bolster the offensive line before addressing the skill positions, and they finally seem to be doing that…it should make everyone on that side of the ball happy.

Arthur Smith

Speaking of ground-and-pound, that’s exactly the style of football Arthur Smith loves playing as a coordinator. If the only other move the Steelers make on the offensive side of the ball this draft is getting a quality center, the offense will be fine and have options. Sure, a wide receiver would be a welcome addition, but Smith doesn’t like to deploy a lot of multiple wide receiver looks. If anything, he prefers more tight ends and a unique blend of play-action to open up the field. This selection helps Smith’s vision become a reality.

Omar Khan and Company

Unlike like last year when Khan traded up in Round 1 to get his guy, he remained patient at pick No. 20 and was still able to get a player he coveted. Some call it patient, while others would call the early run on quarterbacks and wide receivers lucky for the Steelers. Luck, patient or aggressive, as long as the solid picks are made that’s all that matters. One pick doesn’t make a draft, but Khan and company got off to a good start.


Dan Moore Jr.

As expected, Moore finds himself on the way out of the Steelers organization after his rookie contract expires after this season. Don’t be shocked if Moore does start at Left Tackle this season, but the writing is on the wall for Moore to eventually turn into the swing tackle for 2024. Fans have wanted an upgrade over Moore for a long time now, and they finally got their wish.

Broderick Jones’ hopes of moving to Left Tackle?

Fautanu played left tackle at Washington, but for a left-handed quarterback. Will he be playing that side for the Steelers, or will he move to the right side and let Broderick Jones move back to his more natural left side? That has yet to be determined, but it wouldn’t be crazy to see the Steelers keep Jones on the right side, if they feel it’s what’s best for the offensive line as a whole.

Graham Barton

If Barton read the headlines, he likely thought he was the Steelers’ pick at No. 20. Instead, the Steelers passed on him and selected Fautanu. However, Barton didn’t have to wait long until he was selected, going to Tampa Bay at pick No. 26. Barton might have had dreams of donning the black-and-gold, but now he has to wear some Pewter color and Orange. Weird.

What do you think of the list? Would you make any changes? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to check out my Friday episode of “Let’s Ride” for a more detailed breakdown of the above lists.


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