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Defensive Player of the Week: New position, no problem

Pass rush has been an issue this season. That is not a new revelation or secret to anyone who has followed this team. Against an overmatched opposing offensive line, one player who is rocking a new position this season made a name for himself.

This week’s defensive player of the week is Myles Cole. The Red Raider former DT, now OLB, recorded two sacks in this game and finally looked comfortable in his new home. While the coaching staff continues to want more from their edge rushers, it was a great sign to see Cole make an impact on the game.

His growth in that position is critical to Tech’s ability to continue to generate organic pass rush. And with Steve Linton struggling to get into the season, Myles Cole will be called on more and more to make impact plays. Nothing is more satisfying than watching an opposing quarterback be terrorized for a full 60 minute football game. With the center of the defensive line anchored, seeing Cole come off the edge is a breath of fresh air.



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