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Countdown to Kickoff Day 58: Adidas brings the heat

The new uniforms are officially here, with Texas Tech unveiling their various new Adidas gear. I talked the other day about the overall rollout, but I wanted to spend one day out of our countdown talking about how insane these new uniforms really look.

The uniforms, unlike many Adidas products for football, look nothing like a soccer jersey nor did they try to invent the wheel. They added the stripes as a nod to the Zach Thomas era on the shoulders, and the helmet stripe as a nod to the Billy Tolliver Era. But what really impresses me is how those little touches seem to bring an entirely new energy to the uniforms. Whereas the Under Armor Uniforms were fine, they felt pretty basic and lacked some of those touches to really bring a cool factor to the scene.

Of course, alternate uniforms determine a lot about how the fans long-term will view this partnership. But the initial release has me hopeful that Adidas is one bringing the heat for the Red Raiders.


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