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5 Potential NFL Job Openings For Bill Belichick In 2025

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots parted ways this offseason after a reign that spanned two decades and led to six Super Bowl titles.

It was expected that many teams would be interested in adding who many believe is the greatest NFL head coach of all-time. As the cycle comes to an end, that has not been the case and Belichick might not coach in 2024.

The Atlanta Falcons have been linked to Belichick since the beginning. The two sides met on multiple occasions and it was seen as a foregone conclusion. That notion came to an end on Thursday when Atlanta hired Raheem Morris as its new head coach. There are two teams left waiting to hire a head coach — the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders. Neither team has met with Belichick and seem to have focuses elsewhere.

This begs the question, is there a chance Belichick takes a year off? The answer is becoming a resounding yes. If this is the case, what teams might have an opening next offseason?

5. Buffalo Bills

The Bills fit into a category that we might see among a few teams around the league next year. This is successful teams that have underachieved in the postseason. This has certainly been the Bills due to their inability to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

At some point, patience can run thin. This would also fit into Belichick’s narrative. At his age, it is likely that Belichick wants to join a team ready to win now. He wants to win another Super Bowl and log enough regular season wins to catch Don Shula and be the winningest coach in NFL history.

The Bills are a team in that short window. Josh Allen is their franchise quarterback and there are many weapons on the offensive side of the ball. At the same time, we do not know the future of Stefon Diggs and there is an aging defense in place. The front office cannot afford to wait. If Sean McDermott underachieves with the team again, the team could pivot to Belichick hoping that he can take the organization over the hump.

4. New York Giants

Brian Daboll is entering a big year with the Giants. Year one ended with a Wild Card berth and playoff victory. This year, Daniel Jones gets hurt and the team takes a major step back in many areas. So who are the real Giants under Daboll? That will be the question next season.

If the Giants fail once again, the front office could look to a coach who is familiar with the franchise.

Belichick spent 12 years with the Giants from 1979-1990 as a defensive assistant and eventually the defensive coordinator. He was apart of two Super Bowl victories and still has nothing but good things to say about the franchise to this day. It would be interesting to see if Belichick would jump at the opportunity to return to New York.

3. New York Jets

The ultimate troll move by Belichick would be to join the team that hated the Patriots most. This would not be easy for the Jets to get done for many reasons but sometimes, money talks.

First, it seemed like the Jets were the team that Belichick enjoyed beating the most during his career — and he did it time after time. Also, Belichick spent time on the staff of the Jets and was named head coach back in 2000. He eventually resigned before the season due to a change in ownership and uncertainty that surrounded that change. Belichick landed in Foxborough and the rest is history.

It could all come full circle for the Jets and Belichick and it could be done with another Hall-of-Fame quarterback.

Robert Saleh is not a good head coach. The writing is on the wall for Sale and the 2024 New York Jets, despite the return of Aaron Rodgers. If, and when, this teams crashes once again, Saleh is gone and ownership will be looking for another quick fix. Enter Belichick.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

The final two teams on this list are not ones that you might not have expected and it begins in Philadelphia.

Nick Sirianni seemed too lead a catastrophic downfall after a 10-1 start. The Eagles lost five out of six in the regular season, fumbled the NFC East, and got run out during the Wild Card game in Tampa Bay. The Eagles went an unorthodox route this offseason after rumors that Sirianni would be fired.

Philadelphia got rid of all coordinators but decided to retain Sirianni. This is something that does not happen in the NFL and quite frankly, could be a decision that the front office regrets next season. Sirianni has not done much to make fans believe he is the long-term solution. Yes, the team went to the Super Bowl last season but did so with the best roster in the league. And still came up short.

This would be an intriguing option for Belichick if Sirianni has another underwhelming year.

1. Dallas Cowboys

The No. 1 option remains the Cowboys. How entertaining would it be to see Belichick end up in Dallas and attempt to work with Jerry Jones? This would be a circus for the media and bring even more eyeballs to Dallas.

The Cowboys are in the same boat as their NFC East rival above. Dallas was expected to make a long run during the postseason. Dak Prescott put together an MVP-caliber season. The defense played well during the middle part of the season and most importantly, the team was not losing at home.

This was until the Green Bay Packers came to town. Dallas fell behind by multiple scores early and the season was over. Mike McCarthy is getting one more chance but this might be his final one in Dallas.

If the Cowboys underachieve once again, which they have done for three decades now, the team could be looking for a new head coach and bring in the best to ever do it.


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