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5 NFL Teams With Easiest Schedule For 2024-25 Season

The 2024-25 NFL schedule is officially released and teams know what their paths will be this season.

It is always interesting to see which teams will enjoy the luxury of an easier schedule while some will be challenged against elite teams week in and week out. Of course, we do not know how each schedule will look during the year but as of now, it is based on strength of teams from last season.

Below, take a look at the five teams with the easiest strength of schedule this season.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.478)

All five teams on this list are from the NFC, which isn’t surprising given the nature of the AFC. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers kick off the top five easiest in the league based on records from last year. There is no surprise that the NFC South will be well-represented given the fact that each team nearly finished below .500.

4. Carolina Panthers (.467)

The Carolina Panthers finished with the worst record in the league last season. Of course, they did not pick first overall since they moved up the year before to select Bryce Young. The Panthers will play a last-place schedule this season, along with playing its own poor division. It will be interesting to see if certain players for Carolina can take a step up this season.

3. Chicago Bears (.467)

The Chicago Bears are the only team here not from the NFC South. Chicago drafted first overall this year and hopes it added a franchise quarterback in Caleb Williams. In his first year, the USC product will face a favorable schedule. Yes, it includes the Lions twice and the 49ers but Chicago will play the other three teams that picked in the top four of the draft. There are chances for wins for an improved Bears’ team.

2. Atlanta Falcons (.453)

The Atlanta Falcons signed Kirk Cousins to a monster contract in the offseason and that means the team expects to compete right away. A lighter schedule might help this notion. The Falcons have plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball and will look to finish at the top of a weaker division.

1. New Orleans Saints (.453)

The New Orleans Saints are the final part of the NFC South and will look to take advantage this season. New Orleans is not a perfect entity but the schedule is as favorable as any team in the league. The Saints will have the luxury of playing their own division and two teams who picked in the top six in the draft. Will this translates to success? There is no way to know until the games are played.


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