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3 Options For New York Jets In 2024 NFL Draft

The New York Jets have been busy this offseason.

After a slow start, General Manager Joe Douglas has prioritized protection and weapons for Aaron Rodgers. This includes signing both Tyron Smith and Mike Williams to one-year deals. Now, all eyes are on the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Jets currently have the 10th pick in the draft. There are still some needs that could help this team on both sides of the ball and it will be interesting to see where Douglas looks to improve further.

3. Trade Down

This is always an option for teams. The Jets have a roster that is much-improved and expects to contend next season. If the front office is comfortable, it can move down in the first round and add more assets. This would allow the team to still draft in the first round and fill more holes in later rounds. This would be a decision that we would have to wait for draft night to see if it happens.

2. Brock Bowers

Georgia tight end Brock Bowers has become the attractive pick for the Jets. The offense added a No. 2 wide receiver in Williams to join Garrett Wilson. Breece Hall is in the backfield and the offensive line is improve. If healthy, Rodgers will have plenty of weapons but the tight end spot remains a question mark. Just how important is it actually?

New York has been without a true tight end for years now. Bowers has drawn comparisons to Travis Kelce became of his athleticism and ability to catch the football. If this is attractive to the Jets, Bowers can be the selection. It seems a bit early to draft a tight end but the front office could view Bowers as the missing piece.

1. Offensive Tackle

Let’s remember, Smith is 33 years old and has had injury problems over the years. He is also here for one year. While it is not an immediate need, it would be irresponsible for the Jets to just ignore the tackle position and assume that it is taken care of. That’s exactly what happened at quarterback last season and we all saw how that turned out.

There are tackles that will be available at No. 10. The first 10 picks in the draft are expected to be heavy in quarterback and wide receiver. New York will have its pick of the litter. This is a franchise that has struggled to build an offensive line. It has also been short-sighted at times. Drafting a tackle at No. 10 goes against both of those options and makes the Jets better long-term.


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