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(W)hat a offseason for Texas Tech Men’s Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball season is upon us. The road to Phoenix, Az and the Final Four lays ahead. I’m here to take you inside the wild offseason that shaped the program as it prepared for the 2023-2024 season.

My name is Joe Lopez, and as the newest member of the Cotton Club Crew and the Fans First Sports Network.

I’m a 39yr old native to the Lubbock area and lifelong Texas Tech fan of all sports. You’ll notice this isn’t my full time job. Side note-Contact me if you need propane or propane accessories.

But I am a happily married man with an awesome family and Texas Tech Sports is my passion, including podcasting Texas Tech sports. Now, let’s talk Raider Basketball.



With the resignation of Mark Adams on March 9th 2023, this Texas Tech program awaited its new leader. Who would be the next HC? Which players were leaving and which players were staying? What is the state of our program?



On March 31st, North Texas coach Grant McCasland was handed the reins of the program. As is often the case, he also brought with him two of his best assistants and S/C coach in Matt Braeuer and Acchoki Moikobu (Coach AC) and Andrew Wright.

As the weeks passed with no additional coaching news. Texas Tech fans waited the announcement of rest of coaching staff.  But no announcements came.

This was met with tons of skepticism. “Three coaches doing a 7 person job” was a common phrase during this period until July 1st. When the announcements of multiple hires were made public. Coach Luke Barnwell (Asst Coach) Clay Wilson (Player development). The last of the two coaching hires came later in the month when Grant McCasland hired Dave Smart (asst coach) and Kellen Buffington (GM) to round out coaching staff. The coach’s resumes and backgrounds gave Texas Tech fans a sense tangible hope. A sense of relief in who would be leading this program and these young men for the years to come.



With having our coaching staff filled up, who would they be coaching?

Departures to the transfer portal include Jaylon Tyson (Cal) Fardaws Aimaq (Cal) Elijah Fisher (DePaul) KJ Allen (Portland State) and Daniel Batcho (LA Tech) Departures via graduation/ pro include DeVion Harmon and Kevin Obanor. Positive news arrived when Coach Mccasland was able to retain players such as Pop Issacs, Lamar Washington, Robert Jennings, D’Maurion Williams, Kerwin Walton, and KyeRon Lindsay.

With seven available scholarships Mccasland and company quickly went to work to complete this roster. The transfer portal was where staff did the most work in the rebuilding the roster. Newcomers via the transfer portal include Darrion Williams (Nevada), Chance McMillan (Grand Canyon), Warren Washington (AZ State), Devan Cambridge (AZ State) and Joe Toussaint (WVU). Coach Mccasland also managed to hold on to Drew Steffe (HS) previous staff commitment. Then followed it up with signing his first HS commitment in Eemeli Yalaho (EY) as they call them.


Now that the off season dust has finally settled, we can start talking about the upcoming season.

I believe we hired the right coach and he in turn, has hired the right staff. It’s exciting, shiny, new and filled with passion and possibilities for a fantastic season. I’m right here with you for the journey and looking forward to a possible trip to the Arizona Desert.


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