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Najee Harris speaks volumes about the Steelers and the “culture”

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a bad place. Sure, they are 6-4 and in the thick of the AFC Playoff Picture, but their play leaves plenty to be desired. Sunday’s game vs. the Cleveland Browns, where the offense only totaled 10 points and failed to put the game away when they had the opportunity, typified the struggles the team is currently experiencing.

After the game players had to face the music, along with questions from the media, and the responses from running back Najee Harris were stunning. Stunning in his honesty, and also what he said by some times saying nothing at all.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Harris in the video below, courtesy of 93.7 The Fan:

What does all this tell us, the fans? It tells a tale of a team who has been buoyed by winning close games. But when they struggle, and you have players like Harris who give a peak behind the curtain, what you see is quite disturbing.

It’s easy to brush a lot of these things under the rug and say it doesn’t matter. It’s easy to say the Steelers are 6-4 and they’ll be just fine. Tuesday Mike Tomlin will stand in front of media and talk about how these “stories” are nothing more than frustrated players, and how he wants players who want to be great.

Sure, winning can cure all, but it doesn’t get rid of the problem. It’s like a week in the middle of a garden. You can go by and clip things visible on the surface, but it doesn’t get rid of the problem. It doesn’t remove the roots. Just give it time, and the weed will return.

That’s where the Steelers are right now. The weeds have been plucked at the surface after all six wins, but those roots remain. How can the Steelers get the roots out of the ground? It will take drastic change. That likely won’t happen, so fans can expect the sick cycle of wins-losses to continue throughout the regular season, with little or nothing changing or making a difference.

Say what you want about Najee Harris the player, but his comments after the game Sunday just told the fans everything they need to know about the team at almost every level.

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