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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Cleveland Never Rocked Edition

Okay Steelers fans, time for another weekly meeting of the black-and-gold minds! You know the drill by now. State your beverage of choice, what you’re eating, and any music you might be enjoying right now!

As for me, I have to drive my youngest son to therapy almost an hour away every Friday afternoon/evening so dinner will be whatever he wants to pick up afterwards. As for what I am listening to, it’s SCN podcasts with the occasional Christmas music sprinkled in.

Okay, let’s get to the questions!!

1. The Steelers had their second-fewest passing yards of the season on Sunday (only behind the Houston game) but had their best rushing output of the season. There were games the Steelers had a better passing attack and terrible running game and were victorious that didn’t carry the negativity in the fan base that last Sunday’s performance brought out. If you could only pick one in a given game, would you rather the Steelers have a great passing day or a great running day?  (Remember, it’s either-or, not both)

2. With DeShaun Watson out for the season and not playing Sunday, how big of an impact do you think it will have on the outcome?

3. I don’t like looking ahead too far, but with Joe Burrow now out for the season, how big of an impact do you think it will have on the outcome in Week 12?

4. At this point of the season, what do you predict as the final standings in the AFC North between BAL, CIN, CLE, and PIT at the end of the season?

5. Tight end Pat Freiermuth is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game mainly because he hasn’t returned to the 53-man roster. Assuming the Steelers make the move tomorrow, how many targets do you think Muth sees this week in his first game back?

6. With Thanksgiving next week, how much is football a part of your holiday even when it isn’t the Steelers?

Okay, time to get to the comments and voice your opinion! As always, stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the Browns.


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