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Diontae Johnson doesn’t avoid the NFL’s sweeping fines

The NFL has been on a fine spree across the league, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been found guilty plenty of times. This weekend news hit of several Steelers being fined for plays made in the team’s Week 8 loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Initially, it looked like Diontae Johnson, who was very vocal in his displeasure of the officials and their calls last Sunday, avoided being fined for his public comments.

Well, think again.

Sunday it was made public Johnson was indeed fined, and fined handsomely. How about being docked $25 thousand dollars for his outburst to the media.

This per Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

The hefty fine will likely deter not only Johnson from speaking publicly about the NFL officiating, but also other teammates and coaches from falling into the same trap.

What might be the biggest mystery is how the league will fine a player like Johnson for speaking publicly, but there is never any news of officials being fined, or even reprimanded, for penalties which were missed, or unfairly called. If this were made public, the fines levied on the players might not seem as egregious. Then again, if they never get fined or reprimanded it would simply speak of the hypocrisy with the officiating in the league.

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