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Analyzing the Steelers Week 10 win over the Packers, by the numbers

The Pittsburgh Steelers were back in action after 10 days off, this time hosting the Packers in Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season. The Steelers had one of their best starts offensively, but the Packers were able to answer with points of their own which made a game that came down to the very last play..

So without further ado, here are some of the numbers involved in the Steelers Week 10 win over the Packers.


The Steelers once again won the turnover battle as they pulled in two interceptions and had no turnovers of their own. Both interceptions came and key moments in the game with less than four minutes left and the Steelers holding on to a four-point lead. Both interceptions also occurred either in or at the edge of the end zone.


The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to win their Week 10 matchup with the Packers largely because of their 205 rushing yards on 36 carries. The Steelers as a team averaged 5.7 yards per carry (YPC). Jaylen Warren led the way with 101 rushing yards on 15 carries for a 6.7 YPC and a touchdown. Najee Harris also added 82 yards on 16 carries for a 5.1 YPC and a touchdown. The other rushing yards came as 16 yards on four carries from Kenny Pickett and 6 yards on one carry from Calvin Austin. It was the first time the Steelers rushed for more than 200 yards in a game since Week 10 of last season against the New Orleans Saints when they rushed for 217 yards.


The Pittsburgh Steelers offense hit the ground running and put points on the board the first three possessions of the game. The Steelers scored back-to-back touchdowns to open the game for the first time since Week 15 of the 2022 season against the Carolina Panthers. By adding a field goal on their third drive of the game, the Steelers scored on the first three drives for the first time since week 13 of the 2022 season against the Atlanta Falcons.

31% vs. 50%

One area of the game where the Steelers struggled offensively was converting on third down. On 13 chances, the Steelers only had 4 third-down conversions in the game. In the first half, the Steelers were 3 for 7 on third down but in the second half dropped to 1 for 6. When it comes to the defense on third down, the Steelers gave up eight of 16 third-down conversion against the Packers.


One number many will make a big deal over is that the Steelers were yet again outgained in total yardage in this game with Green Bay holding a 75-yard advantage. The Packers had 399 net yards of offense compared to the Steelers 324 yards. But the last time I checked, when the game is over they don’t award the victory to the team who gained the most yards.


The Steelers chose on several occasions, unless it was by mistake, to kick the ball short of the goal line for the Packers to have an opportunity to return the ball. The Packers had five kickoff returns in all for 139 yards which was a 27.8 yards per kickoff return. The worst for the Steelers was the opening kickoff of the second half which was returned 49 yards to the Steelers 44-yard line. But looking at it both ways, the Steelers returned three kickoffs for 73 yards for a 24.3 yard return average.


With so much talk about the Packers beat up offensive line, they were able to slow down the Steelers pass rush as T.J. Watt’s 1.0 sack was the only one by the Steelers for the game. On the other hand, the Packers also only had one sack in the game and had four quarterback hits compared to the Steelers five.


The Steelers once again struggled in giving up chunk plays in the passing game as the Packers had seven passes of 20 yards or more with a 46-yard gain being the largest of the day which was the first play on their final drive. In the running game, the Steelers defense only gave up one rush of more than 10 yards which was a 40 yard gain to A.J. Dillon. As for the Steelers offense, they only had one pass more than 28 yards but had two rushes of at least 20 yards and eight rushes of 10 yards or more.

3 vs. 2

Although it might not feel like it, the Steelers actually had less 3 & outs in the game than their opponent. The Steelers had two drives in which they did not achieve a first down before punting. One of the drivers was in the second quarter while the other was in the third quarter. The Steelers defense had three occasions where they forced their opponent to a 3 & out with two coming in the second quarter and one that started at the end of the third-quarter and finished early in the fourth quarter.


Once again, all these other numbers point to this one last stat which is whether the Steelers were victorious or fell in defeat. Despite struggling in the passing game, the Steelers had a great day running the ball and added another tally to their win column pushing their 2023 record to 6–3.

So there are some numbers to help put the Steelers Week 10 win in perspective. After winning two games in a row both of which were at home, the Steelers now hit the road for two-straight weeks of AFC North football.

So what numbers from Sunday’s game stand out to you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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