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AFC North Recap: Another perfect week in the AFC North

Week 7 is officially in the rear view mirror for all four teams who call the AFC North home, and the Pittsburgh Steelers and all other teams who were active Sunday were victorious in their respective games. There was bad offense, questionable coaching decisions, yet nothing but wins on the ledger.

Time to take stock of what happened in the AFC North, and what is coming up…

Baltimore Ravens – 38
Detroit Lions – 6

The score looks one-sided, but I don’t know if that even indicates just how dominant the Ravens were on Sunday. The Ravens had over 20 points before the Lions even had a first down in this game. Think about that. Baltimore boat raced the Lions from the opening kickoff. A nice win for the Ravens, while the Lions have their fans questioning how good they really are heading into Week 8.

Cleveland Browns – 39
Indianapolis Colts – 38

This was a strange game all the way around. What started as Gardner Minshew vs. Deshaun Watson turned to Minshew vs. P.J. Walker when Watson left the game. No one expected the Browns to allow 38 points, but they’ll likely just call it an aberration and move on with the win. Some questionable calls continue to aid the Browns, but the defense also was able to put points on the board. When that happens, it’s tough to lose.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 24
Los Angeles Rams – 17

The Steelers took to the road and showed how loud their fans can be in a visiting stadium, forcing the Rams to work a silent count at times during the game. Did it take another big play from T.J. Watt to win? Yes, it did, but the offense eventually warmed to the task and took care of business in the 4th quarter. It would be nice to not have to wait until the 4th quarter to start seeing some offense, but better late than never. On top of that, I can’t stress how nice it as to see the offense close out a game and not rely on the defense to bail them out…again.

AFC North Standings

Baltimore Ravens — 5-2
Pittsburgh Steelers — 4-2
Cleveland Browns — 4-2
Cincinnati Bengals — 3-3

Week 8 AFC North Schedule

  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers — Sunday, 1pm EST
  • Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks — Sunday, 4:05pm EST
  • Cincinnati Bengals at San Francisco 49ers — Sunday, 4:25pm EST
  • Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals — Sunday, 4:25pm EST


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