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Ranking every remaining game on the Steelers schedule from easiest to hardest

We are nearing the midway point of the season, the trade deadline is just around the corner, and offseason acquisitions are finally beginning to gel with their teams across the league. Coming off a big win against the Rams, it is time to take a closer look at the remainder of the Steelers schedule and determine which games will be the most difficult.

Record, familiarity, location, and scheme all have a factor in these rankings. As you can see below, the Steelers truly do not have that daunting of a schedule in front of them, but their inability to produce on offense could still hinder them down the stretch. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Tennessee Titans (Week 9)

The Titans have been shaky at quarterback this season, and that has led to a 2-4 start. By this time, Derrick Henry may not be on the team either, which would make this game even easier. Plus, the Steelers typically do well on short rest when playing at home. Expect more no-huddle offense and better offensive production overall in this game.

2. Cardinals (Week 13)

Arizona is not a good football team overall, but Josh Dobbs has been nothing short of solid as the fill-in starter. Running backs Emari Demercado and Keaontay Ingram have done okay filling in for James Conner, but Conner will need to be fully healthy for this one if Arizona wants a fighting chance.

3. Packers (Week 10)

The Packers have a solid overall team, but with Aaron Jones’ health not being one hundred percent this season, the running game has struggled more than expected. This is also about the time Cameron Heyward should be back and fully healthy, giving the Steelers a much-needed boost along the defensive line.

4. Patriots (Week 14)

If you would have asked me this two weeks ago, I would have put this game as the easiest game remaining. However, after beating Buffalo in surprise fashion this past week, it is a little harder to predict. The offense has actually shown signs of life, and the defense is stepping up in key moments. Still, this is a winnable game for the Steelers at home.

5. At Colts (Week 15)

With Anthony Richardson out, this game looks much more appealing to the Steelers fan. However, a healthy Jonathan Taylor is a lot for any team to handle. I think the Steelers can still win this one, but controlling time of possession will be key.

6. At Browns (Week 11)

The Browns are still in the thick of the AFC North race, but, having already beaten them once in ugly fashion, this game is not going to be easy, especially if both Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt are healthy. Considering this game is also on the road, the Steelers will be fortunate to come out of this game with a win.

7. At Ravens (Week 18)

Yes, I am aware of what Baltimore just did to the Lions. However, I am also aware that Lamar Jackson has still not figured out how to succeed against the Steelers defense. The Steelers always seem to be a tough matchup for Jackson, and until he can prove me otherwise, I think the Steelers can easily come out on top, despite it being on the road.

8. Bengals (Week 16)

I do not believe we have seen the best of the Bengals yet, and Week 16 is likely not an ideal time to play them. However, it is the home finale, and the fans are going to make an impact. If the offense can generate any sort of production in the first half, the defense can take care of the rest.

9. Jaguars (Week 8)

It is not so much the opponent I am worried about. Under Mike Tomlin, the Steelers are notorious for coming out of the gate slow and making it difficult on themselves coming out of the bye. The Steelers may be able to eek out a win, but I do not envision it being easy, as the Jaguars are in major need of a win as well.

10. At Bengals (Week 12)

Week 12 may not be too far in the distance, but I still believe Cincinnati will get their act together between now and then. Coming off a physical road game against the Browns, I worry the Steelers will not be at full health for this one.

11. At Seahawks (Week 17)

It is a road game on the west coast right before a matchup for the Ravens that could potentially determine playoff seeding. What could go wrong, right? I underestimated the Seahawks’ potential this season, as Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker continue to make game-changing plays for the passing and running games, respectively. It would be quite the victory if the Steelers find a way to win in Seattle.


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