A Cleveland Browns podcast

Why the Cleveland Browns will Extend Deshaun Watson’s Contract

Yes, teams are overpaying quarterbacks like never before. No it is not business as usual. As a percentage of cap, Deshaun Watson is currently scheduled for a cap hit of 25% of the 2024 cap allowance. That’s way beyond the 17.2% the Chiefs paid Patrick Mahomes to win the Super Bowl last year. Prior to that no team had ever won the Super Bowl spending more than 13.1% of its cap allowance on a qb since the cap system was put in place in 1994.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

The Browns don’t seem to be on same page after Deshaun Watson shoulder injury

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have been the definition of dysfunction, and that disconnect continues this season. The hot topic right now is about Deshaun Watson, the Browns $230 million quarterback, and his injured shoulder. To begin with, no one really knew that Deshaun Watson had any serious shoulder injury until midweek and then it… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns embarrassed at home and get beat by Ravens 28-3

Well, it’s back to the drawing board for the Cleveland Browns who were completely overmatched by divisional foe Baltimore Ravens 28-3 in their Week 4 game. While it was a sunny and warm 80-degree day in Cleveland, it should have been overcast and rainy based on how the Browns played. The team decided to sit… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns go back to the beginning with release of throwback jerseys

It was 1946 when the Cleveland Browns began playing professional football. During those early years, the players wore a white helmet. Over 70 years later, the team has introduced their new threads for a few games this season that include a new white helmet, along with an all-white uniform. They are returning to their beginnings… read more


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